Success Through Referrals

About Tim

For the past decade Tim Roberts has helped thousands of business owners and sales professionals generate Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing.  With the current changes in the global economy, Tim has seen businesses struggle to not only thrive and grow, but in many cases just survive.

Referrals have always been the most cost effective way for any business to grow, and Tim’s networking franchises have flourished because of this.

The issue, however, is that very few business owners and sales professionals know how to network effectively.   Networking is not something that is taught in business school, or is easily available.   We take course after course on how to DO our jobs, and how to SELL our product, but we don’t learn how to grow our business through referrals.

This is why Tim has created Success Through Referrals!  For the first time, business owners, and sales professionals, will have easy 24/7 access to continuously growing and evolving word-of-mouth marketing training.   You will now be able to learn from  the experts who have taught thousands of other business professionals how to grow their businesses by creating a consistent pipeline of referrals flowing in.  Through our online training tools, classes, webinars, podcasts and workshops you will learn how to take your business to new levels in a more effective, cost efficient and enjoyable way.  You will also be able to receive coaching and mentoring from our experts through the use of forums and other programs we offer to make sure you are understanding the training and implementing it correctly for the best results!

Success Through Referrals is the first cost effective, accessible, continuously evolving training on the one area every business professional must excel in: Networking.  For the cost of a discounted gym membership you will be able to learn how to reach your desired level of Success Through Referrals.