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Do You Suffer From Spectator Syndrome?

Do You Suffer From Spectator Syndrome?

Spectator Syndrome is when people quickly go from using the word WE to THEM.  It is when things are going well that someone believes they are a part of it, but when things are not going well they are not.  This is most prevalent in sports, but is also a big problem in networking and business.

Unfortunately, the Patriots lost the game.  It really was not a good game for them, and all of a sudden the posts online went to “I can’t believe they lost,” “They were terrible,” “Those bums,” etc.  Not once did I read a post that said “WE lost,” or WE anything for that matter.  How does that happen?  Why do people even begin with the WE statements when they really have nothing to do with the outcome, one way or another?

This syndrome is also very prevalent in Networking, specifically when it comes to networking groups.  In every group there are members, or participants, that suffer from this syndrome.  When things are going well in the group they will always be there to cheer everyone on and use the term WE.  However, whenever there is the slightest struggle, or issue, in the group they turn their comments to THEM and begin blaming everyone else.   The funny thing about it is these members tend to play no role in results of the chapter one way or another, just like the fans at a sports event.

The question is, are you a spectator when you are networking?  Are you quick to take credit for a group’s success even if you didn’t really play a role?  Are you quick to blame others, or an organization, for your failures?

There is a reason the players in a professional sporting event are making millions of dollars to play the game while the fans, or spectators, are paying to be there.   The players are the ones who are actually active in the sport.  They are the ones who are investing time and effort practicing, and learning how to be the best of the best.  They are the ones who are putting in the effort for the outcome of the game.  They are also the ONLY ones who should be using the term WE when it comes to discussing any outcome good or bad.

This is also true in business and networking.  Every group is made up of those who are putting in the effort for their result.  They are the ones investing time in their networking.  They are the ones who are investing time in themselves by learning how to be the best of the best in their trades, and in how to network themselves.  These people are the ones who will build their business through referrals in networking groups while others in the same group get nothing.  They don’t sit back and watch others put in the effort and question where their results are, they go out and create the results for themselves.  They never use the term them when talking about their personal results, or the results of the group.

So, are you active participant in networking?  Or are you a spectator?