Success Through Referrals

Get Out of the Office and Get To Work!

Get Out of the Office and Get To Work!

If you are looking to grow your business and increase the amount of referrals coming to you, it is time to get out of your office and get to work.

Referrals are not going to magically appear for you.  Your business isn’t going to grow and become more efficient, effective, and even enjoyable just because you hope it will.  If you want to get more referrals then you need to get out there and create them.  You need to be out actively meeting with other people and creating the referral opportunities.  There is a reason it is called net-WORKING.

Far too many business owners and sales professionals are stuck in the time wasted, production costing activities of their business.  They waste entire days on the activities that make them nothing.  These activities could be things like paperwork, filing, emails, social media, and even goal planning.  Now don’t get me wrong these activities are important to a business but they do not grow your business.  Each of these needs to be done, but too many people waste time on them with no actual activity to achieve anything.

I meet thousands of professionals every year and I hear many of them talking about their goals, their dreams, their wishes, but nothing about how they are going to accomplish them.  If you do nothing but plan and dream about your future and don’t actually put anything into action then it will always remain a dream.

I did this free video blog about the importance of time management and referrals and I encourage you to take a moment to watch it.  It talks about the fact that we are all busy, and we will always be busy, but the question is what are you busy doing?

Are you busy doing the things holding you back from creating the referrals you desire?  Are you wasting time on the activities that can wait or even be handed off to another?

Your main focus as a sales professional, or small business owner, is to create more business and sales opportunities.  You need to get out of the office and be active.  If that means doing paperwork later in the evening, or god forbid getting up earlier in the morning, then do that.  If that means you only check emails at certain times of the day instead of keeping it open at all times so it is constantly distracting you, then do that.  If it means hiring someone and taking on the risk of an employee then do it.  The truth is most of the “busy work” of our business can be given to someone else to do.  If you are not in a position to hire someone then look for an intern.  If you don’t want an intern then make the sacrifice to do the busy work when no one else is working. 

If you want, or even need more referrals than it is up to you to get out and make it happen.  It is up to you to meet and network with other professionals who are looking to grow their business as well.  It is time to collaborate with others and develop the business relationships that will enable all parties to succeed.  Stop wasting time with the “busy work” and stop giving yourself the excuse of being to “busy” to reach the goals you desire.

We all have the same amount of time in the day to accomplish our goals.   In order to maximize your effectiveness in that time you need to learn skills necessary for success.  In order to increase your referral production in less time you need to learn how to network more effectively.  This is why has been designed the way it has.  For the first time you can learn this vital skill on your time.  You do not need to waste production time at a live training on someone else’s schedule.  Watch the training videos during the off time of the day.  Get up early watch a video and then implement the information throughout the day.  Watch a video at night and then use the information the next day, whatever works for you in your business.

Whatever your profession is it is time you start doing more of it and stop wasting time with idle activities.