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What a Sniper Can Teach You About Referrals (Part 2)

What a Sniper Can Teach You About Referrals (Part 2)

A sniper is a highly trained marksman.  According to Wikipedia a marksman is a person who is skilled in precision, or a sharpshooter.  So how does this connect to you and your networking efforts?

When we think of a sniper we think of someone who locks into a specific target.  They don't take a "shotgun approach" when they are targeting the enemy they are focused on their specific target.   When we go networking we should be taking the same approach.

Far too often you will see professionals who are out asking referrals without having a specific target.  You will hear them say things like anybody, or everybody is a good referral.  The challenge with networking with no specific target in mind is you are relying on others to figure out what a good referral for you is and no one is willing to do that.

In order to increase your results you need to define your target market for yourself, and for those you are networking with.  You want to clearly define exactly who is a good referral for you and paint a clear picture of that referral to those you are speaking with.  Just like a sniper who will fine tune their scope so they can clearly see their target you want to make sure YOU know exactly who you are looking for and train others to see that target for you.

In the Success Through Referrals® Masters Program coming out this summer we invest time really teaching you how to get away from a scarcity mentality and how to define your ideal referral, and then how to communicate that effectively to others. 

Make sure before you go to that next networking meeting, or event, you spend time preparing yourself for success just like we talked about in our last blog post which you can read HERE.  Part of that preparation is making sure you know what your ultimate target looks like.  Be specific in your networking efforts like a sniper has a specific target.  A sniper always knows who their targets are, and you need to do the same when looking for referrals.