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What a Sniper Can Teach You About Referrals (Part 3)

What a Sniper Can Teach You About Referrals (Part 3)

In the final blog post of this series, I want to talk about the main lesson here, and that is what makes a sniper so successful?  How is it that they can achieve success in such difficult situations?  How is it they are able to make such difficult shots that they are needed as specialists?

The answer is…training.  A sniper goes through CONTINUOUS training to make themselves the best they can possibly be.  They train in a variety of conditions.  They train with a variety of weapons.  They train for a wide variety of shots.  The key to their success is that they train for it.  They study and learn how to be a specialist.  No one is just born a sniper.  It isn't by chance they are able to make those amazing shots.  It isn't that they were just luckier than others in the military, it is that they had the dedication to hone their craft.

The same can be said for those who are successful in business, and those who are successful in referral generation for their business.  The paradox of networking is that we all know that we need to do it so many of us believe we all must just know how to do it.  Unfortunately, for many this leads them to believe that if they just go to networking events they will get referrals.  It is not true and this is why I believe that most professionals are actually WASTING THEIR TIME networking.  If you don't invest the time to learn how to be an effective networker, and invest time learning how to efficiently build your referral base then you are doomed to waste precious time trying to figure it out on the fly. 

A sniper will invest thousands of hours training for a single moment in the field, but it is that training time that makes them successful when they are called upon.  Now, you don't need to invest thousands of hours training yourself how to network, and luckily for us the skills of networking are not anywhere near the required skills of a sniper, but you do need to invest some time learning, and then practicing these skills if you ever going to generate the quality and quantity of the referrals you desire.

Success Through Referrals® is designed to give professionals a convenient and inexpensive way to start learning these skills, and I am excited to announce that this summer we will be launching the Success Through Referrals® Masters Program which will be for those who want to learn how to make word-of-marketing a true part of their business success.  However, there are a lot of other materials as well out there for you to use to start learning this extremely vital skill.  Unfortunately, corporate training, sales training, and even business school does not teach us these skills, so it is up to us to find it and use it.  There have been numerous books written on the subject, and some networking organizations like BNI ( teach their members how to use their specific systems.  There are a lot of networking opportunities out there you should be taking advantage of, and some of the lessons on word-of-mouth marketing are essential for all forms of networking, and others are geared to specific forms.  It is vital you learn the skills necessary for the forms of networking you chose to use.

If you dedicate time to training like a sniper does, you will be able to grow the quantity, and more importantly quality, of the referrals coming into your business.  When we increase our referral production we will make our business more efficient, effective, and a whole lot more enjoyable.