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What Qualifies Someone as a Referral or Networking "Expert" Today?

What Qualifies Someone as a Referral or Networking "Expert" Today?

Beware of those who are out there trying to teach professionals that getting referrals is “easy” and takes no real effort.

The truth is, networking and word-of-mouth marketing is simple, yet far from easy.  If it were easy you would already have all of the referrals you could ever desire.

I am seeing more and more “experts” emerge on every topic, including networking and referrals.  If you look closely you’ll notice that most of these professionals are selling a program where if all you do is sign up you will instantly get all of the referrals you want!  Oh if only it was that simple.

First of all, I question what makes these individuals an “expert” on networking to begin with.  If you really look at what they do it is typically something completely different… For example, they may be a Real Estate agent, Marketing Professional, maybe a Financial Planner etc,  yet they proclaim themselves to be networking and referral experts at the same time.

I have seen people proclaiming to be referral experts because of the amount of hits they have on YouTube. Hits on YouTube, number of followers on Twitter, Facebook etc does not make someone a REFERRAL or NETWORKING expert.  If it did I should call up the 8 year who put a video of their cat online and got millions of hits.  Your online social networking tools play a role in your word-of-mouth marketing, but if you want real referrals you need to get out of your office and begin to actually network with people.

For me an expert is someone who has dedicated themselves to a particular field.  I want someone who is not a Jack of All Trades, but an Ace of One.  I want someone who studies that field everyday and truly knows that particular subject.

Look, I wouldn’t go to a general physician for heart surgery.  We always look for the specialist when it comes to our physical health, but why do most not do the same for the health of their company?  If I was an Insurance Sales Professional I wouldn’t want to learn how to grow my business through referrals from a Painter. 

Far too many referral trainings out there are not even teaching professionals how to really grow their business through referrals.  They talk about generating leads more than anything else.  Leads can be valuable but they will never be as valuable as referrals.  I think of leads as nothing more than a cold call with a name to blame behind it, and frankly I think anyone in business or sales knows how to pay for leads.

If you want to grow your business through HIGH QUALITY referrals it takes WORK.  There is no easy, get referrals quick, solution.  There is no secret to success, and there is no secret to Success Through Referrals ®.  It is called Net-WORK-ing. 

For the past decade I have dedicated my life to teaching professionals how to work together and grow their business through referrals.  My clients will generate over $40 Million in actual take home business (commissions, etc.) from these referrals in 2012 alone.   I work with almost every profession you can think of who relies on referrals to help their business grow.  This is what I do, and what the other professionals who you can learn from do at

If you truly want to grow your business more efficiently and effectively through referrals in 2013 stop looking for the EASY way out.  Stop looking for that little secret that doesn’t exist.  Realize that anyone who is trying to sell you anything like this is lying to you.  I will never tell a professional that if they sign up for Success Through Referrals® that they will suddenly have referrals flowing into their business, that is not why we exist.  We exist to teach you how to be the most effective with your networking efforts.  We exist because no one is offering you these lessons online in an affordable option.  We do not exist to tell you you can have all the referrals you want with no work attached.  We specialize in word-of-mouth marketing.  That’s it.  We don’t teach closing styles, marketing ideas, etc.  We are not the only networking experts, but we are some of the few actual experts in this field.

Look, the truth is if you want different results in your business this upcoming year you are going to have to do some things differently.  You need to figure out what area of your business needs the most help and find an expert in that field whatever it is.  BUT, when you begin to look for that expert do some research on who you are going to work with.  Take the health of your business as seriously as you would your physical health.   Make sure if you are looking to work with an expert they actually are an expert.