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What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

This past weekend I listened to a short and GREAT audio book titled, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam.  I highly recommend it, and it only takes about an hour to listen to.

The book focuses on how the most successful people in the world utilize as much time as they can in the day, and the different ways they use the mornings to get things done that the rest of us struggle with.  This includes things like exercising, reading, meditating, and yes… NETWORKING.  This short audio book was motivating for me because I have always believed that the morning, while everyone else is sleeping, is the best time to get things done, but it isn't always easy.

In an interview I did for Entrepreneur on Fire podcast (listen HERE) I discussed the importance of getting up early to get things done, and the importance of making sacrifices to achieve the goals we desire.  I think that when we get in the habit of getting up earlier we are making a sacrifice because we are sacrificing the comfort of staying in bed and sleeping.  It isn't easy to get up early every morning, especially in the beginning, however the benefits become very apparent very quickly.  For me that quiet time in the morning can be used to exercise, to write, to read, to catch up on the news, and yes… to network.  The point is we have precious hours that we can be using that most don't, and I have always believed that it is the willingness to do the things the majority of people don't want to do that will make someone SUCCESSFUL.

In her book, Laura Vanderkam discusses how willpower can effect what we do with our day and why the morning can be so productive.  The author talks about how willpower is like a muscle, and like any other muscle the more we use it throughout the day the weaker it becomes.  It takes a tremendous amount of willpower and discipline to accomplish everything we do during the day, and by the end of the day that muscle is exhausted.  This is why it is so easy for us to talk ourselves OUT of doing things like exercise if we wait until the evening hours.  It takes great disciple, like my wife has and I do not, to still be able to go workout after working all day and dealing with family responsibilities.  This is why when people are on diets they tend to cheat at night and not in the morning when their willpower is at its strongest.

This makes a lot of sense when we think about networking and referral generation as well.   Most professionals want more referrals in their business, but they tend to think of networking as an evening activity.  So by the time it comes to go to an After Hours event their willpower is exhausted from all of their activities of the day so it becomes easy for them to "skip this one and go next month".  Unfortunately the same thing happens the following month as well.   The author talks about how morning networking meetings have been very beneficial for many because they avoid this lack of willpower, and because morning meetings tend to be more focused and creative.  We tend to have our greatest energy and creativity in the morning, so it would make sense that a morning meeting could be more productive.  In fact, evening meetings tend to be less focused on business in general and they become more of a social activity and even a relaxing activity to de-stress from the day. 

If you have struggled to "find the time" to network for the referrals you desire I highly recommend you checkout a morning networking meeting.  Now, not all networking is the same so I encourage you to do your research to make sure you are effectively using your time, and I also encourage you to work on attending the After Hours events because they can still provide tremendous results, if you know how to use them.  I believe that word-of-mouth marketing is more important today than ever before and if you are struggling to make the evening meetings it is vital to your success that you at least research to see if networking when most others are sleeping would help you generate more referrals.  I also encourage you to listen to the audio book to see if it can help motivate you, and help you get over any road blocks or excuses you may have.

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