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Why Wait To Start On Your Goals?

Why Wait To Start On Your Goals?

This is my favorite time of the year!

There is so much excitement with the holidays, the end to another successful year, and the beginning of a new one.

One of the topics most discuss this time of year is New Year resolutions.  I think everyone enjoys the idea of a new resolution, and the opportunity that the beginning of a new year brings us.  Generally people seem excited to discuss their goals for the New Year.  In fact, I think it is now that they have the most excitement about these goals, only to have the feeling slowly decrease every day after the 1st.

My question to those who tell me all about their goals for the New Year, whether it is business or personal, is why wait?  Why are you waiting until January 1st to begin the process of achieving those goals?

I personally believe that one of the reasons we lose our excitement and motivation towards these goals is because the hardest part is taking that first step.  It is difficult to establish the habits we need in order to achieve the goals we want to accomplish.  They say you need to do something for 21 days in order to have it become a habit.  That means if we wait until January 1st, and well that is a holiday so let’s really start on the 2nd, but then the kids are still home from school so we will start next week, is that you are almost into February before you have the habits essential to achieve your goal.  That means we are almost a month behind to begin the year.

However, if we begin the process now, we could be 13 days into that process ON January 1st, and ahead of most people!

For me, one of my goals, like 99% of all others, is to get in better shape.  Now I could give myself the excuse of the holidays as why I cant begin working out now.  I could also give myself the excuse of the holidays as why I can eat all the fatty foods over the next couple of weeks and in fact GAIN weight and make my goal that much harder to achieve.  Instead of starting January 1st with the right habits I would be even heavier and likely less motivated.  This is why I am working hard to create the right habits now.

It is the same for our businesses and networking.  It is amazing how many people will set a goal to make more money next year, and want that new business to come from referrals, yet they give them the excuse of being too busy to start the process of creating those referrals now.  It is the activity you do these last couple of weeks that will get your new referrals when the new year begins.  If you wait to start that process then you wont see those desired referrals until February, or later, and you have lost an entire month towards your goal.

 So, why wait?  Why wait to begin working towards your 2013 goal?  If you are trying desperately to hit your 2012 goal these past couple of weeks look back to how your year began.  Would you be in the same place if you had started towards those goals at the end of 2011 instead of the beginning of 2012? 

 If you are looking to increase your business through referrals this year, make sure to begin networking now!  Make sure to invest time building your network and developing that consistent flow of high quality referrals.  It takes time and effort, and you are more likely to create those referrals for 2013 if you use these last couple of weeks of 2012 working towards it.  If you want to decrease the time it takes to see those results make a New Year resolution to invest in yourself and learn how to become a more efficient and effective networker.  Learn the skills that will help you achieve Success Through Referrals®.