Success Through Referrals

Why What You Have Been Led To Believe About Networking Is WRONG

Why What You Have Been Led To Believe About Networking Is WRONG

Just because everyone knows they need to network for more referrals does not mean everyone knows how to network for referrals.   This paradox has led far too many business owners and sales professionals to be misled in how word-of-mouth marketing actually works.  Don’t believe me?  Let me ask you a couple of quick questions.

True or False: People who know you, like you, and trust you will pass good, consistent, quality referrals?

True or False: Doing a good job, offering good customer service, and taking care of your customers will equal more referrals?

These are both true right?  If you are like most professionals you believe these to be true.  I mean this is what we have all been told about networking and referrals isn’t?

The fact is, these are both WRONG!  Very wrong for that matter, and dangerous to your results to rely on. 

Let me follow up with another question: Are you currently receiving all the referrals you ever desired right now from your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends from high school and/or college?  NO?  Why not?  Do they not like you or trust you, or is it that you do a bad job?

The truth is that in order to pass you referrals people do need to like you, and trust you, but it is not enough.  Same can be said about customer service.  Offering great customer service is expected of you, and will keep you from losing potential referrals, but it will not equal more of them.

In order to truly build your business through word-of-mouth marketing (referrals) you need to do the following:

1.Develop a committed network of other professionals based on a reciprocal BUSINESS relationship based on mutual referral production.

2.Educate your network on how to actually find you referrals and bring them to you.

While these steps seem simple they are not easy.  You need to learn how to become the most effective networker you can be, and don’t fall into the trap of just looking for the “easy” solution.

Referrals can be vital to our success in business.  They make our business more efficient, effective, and most importantly more enjoyable.  However, just because every business wants referrals doesn’t mean they will just get them.  If you want to truly build a pipeline of referrals you need to work at it.  It is why it is called net-WORKING.  Don’t be misled to believe that referral generation is as easy as just doing a good job or having friends.  The ones who are successful at referral production understand the commitment it takes to reach their goals.  Let your competitor be the one who struggles to gain referrals because they just want to believe these outdated theories on networking and get out there and create the referrals you desire.