Success Through Referrals

STR 01: The Success Through Referrals Podcast

Hello everyone my name is Tim Roberts and I am the founder of and I want to welcome you to the very first episode of the Success Through Referrals podcast!

In this week’s episode I thought it would be important to share with why I have started this show and what you can come to expect from it on a weekly basis.

For the past decade I have been training and coaching small business owners and sales professional how to grow their business through high quality referrals.  In fact over this time I have helped my clients generate over $300 million dollars in take home revenue through referrals.

If you are in business anywhere in the world, in any industry, you understand the value of referrals.  They make our business more efficient, more effective, and most importantly they make our business more enjoyable.  The trouble is is there are very few people properly teaching and supporting entrepreneurs like yourself how to actually generate these desired referrals.  Until today.

The purpose of this podcast is to give our listeners, the business owners, the sales professionals, the entrepreneur’s or future entrepreneurs a better understanding of how word-of-mouth marketing really works, and to give you some tips and success strategies to achieve the flow of referrals you desire. 

Some of the shows will be just myself discussing a particular part to word of mouth marketing whether it be a mindset, or a how to segment for different types of networking, while others we will be interviewing experts, and successful entrepreneur’s to learn from them how they generate high quantities of referrals for their business.

However what this show will not be doing is pitching any “secrets to success” or get referrals quick schemes.  And I think that is a good point to start with in our very first episode.

most entrepreneurs have been misled on how referrals and word of mouth marketing really works.  They have been conditioned to believe that if they just do a good job, and treat their customers well they will receive referrals.  Or they have been led to believe that people who know us, like us, and trust us will pass us good, consistent referrals.    Unfortunately both of these statements are untrue.  I mean think about it for a second.  Are you getting all the referrals you desire?  Is that because you do a bad job, or offer good customer service?  Of course not!  But if doing good customer service was all it took to get referrals why are you not inundated with referrals right now?  Or are you getting good consistent referrals from your mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends from high school or college?  No?  Why? Do they not like or trust you?  Of course not.

You see there issue is very few people are properly training us on how word-of-mouth marketing REALLY works.  How do you actually increase your referral production where it is consistent and even predictable.  There are thousands of trainings on sales techniques and closing styles but so few on how to generate referrals you can sell to!  This is why I created success through and this podcast.

My passion is teaching professionals like yourself how to reach your desired levels of success through referrals so that you can enjoy the journey.  I want people to understand that we don’t need to be constantly competing with people to survive but we should be collaborating with others to strive.

This podcast is going to be about giving you weekly tips on how to develop a truly profitable network around you so that your business can always prosper.  Some of you may just be starting out and looking to develop a new network of people around you.  Some of you may learn how to really make your current network of contacts effective and profitable, and some will learn how to take the results you may already be getting to whole new levels.

You see I passionately believe that word-of-mouth marketing is more important today than it has ever been before.  In January of 2008 our business world changed.  That is when the experts say the great recession began.  Now whether you listen to the news today or tomorrow you may hear that we are either out of that recession, still in that recession, or maybe we are coming out of it or going back in.  The truth is it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that your customers also changed and they changed forever.  Now many believe that the recession made the consumer cheaper and that really isn’t true.  You see if people were only buying on price then companies like Disney, or Nike, or Mercedes would have gone out of business during this time.  The fact is your customers are not cheaper they are more value driven than ever before.  They want more value for the dollars they spend.  The problem is that if your customers don’t know anything about you then the only point of value they will have between you and your competitor is price.  This is where that perception of them being cheaper comes from.  So unless you are the cheapest person in town for your services you could be in big trouble.  The question then becomes how can you be perceived as more valuable than your competitor when your customer enters the market for your services?  Well the most cost effective and most productive method is to be referred to them by someone they know and trust.  Think about it for it second.  The last time you received a really good referral did price ever become an obstacle?  Often it doesn’t because we have instant value from someone in our network referring us.  Unless you have a very large marketing budget I believe that it is absolutely vital that you become a mast of word of mouth marketing and develop a pipeline of referrals for your business.

The success through referrals podcast will be the first show solely dedicated around the topic of word-of-mouth marketing.  And I am excited to spend about an half hour each week with you to help you reach your goals more effectively.  I truly believe that if you focus on building a success network around you the results can be more than you ever imagined. 

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Thank you again for taking the time to listen to our first episode of the Success Through Referrals podcast.  Make sure to come back each week to learn new ideas from today’s leading experts and visit for your FREE 10 Videos which you can sign up for in the footer below!