Success Through Referrals

STR 03: Eddie Esposito tells us why PASSION is the key to success

Our Guest: Eddie Esposito of the Referral Institute

Eddie Esposito is a vice president and partner of The Referral Institute, an international marketing, training, and consulting organization specializing

in creating a steady stream of referrals for businesses that rely on them. He is an international speaker and trainer. He frequently travels around the world to work with business owners to develop their successful marketing plans.

Eddie has been a professional business coach since 2001. His strongest challenges and victories came in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where he helped his clients and friends overcome amazing adversities and redevelop their businesses and their lives. All of them survived and went on to prosper.

Eddie comes from the restaurant and catering business, where he developed one of the top 10 private aircraft catering companies in the world.  He has an extensive knowledge of foods and wines, and has traveled to all but one of the world’s populated continents.  He has cooked for 4 United States presidents, many celebrities, and corporate executives..

Eddie lives in New Orleans, with his wife, Heather, and their 3 children: Jorden, Mattie and Amelia.  It is often said he has gone from the world of wine and cheese to the world of Chuck E Cheese!

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