Success Through Referrals

STR 04: Why Networking Is More Important Today Than Ever Before

In January of 2008 our business world changed.  This is the time most experts will tell you the Great Recession began.  While each day you may hear a different news story of whether or not we are still in the recession it is important to realize that something else changed that day, and that is our cusomters.  Our cusomters, and potential customers have changed and they have changed forever.

Most people believe that their customers have changed for the negative.  They believe their customers are cheaper, or tighter with their money, and that is not really the case.  The way they changed can lead to that perception but they really are not cheaper.  So how have they changed?  Your cusomters, your target markets, are now more VALUE driven then ever before.  They want more value for the money they will spend.  If they don't know anything about you, or how you are different from your competitors, then the only point of value to them may be price.  This is where the "cheaper" description may be coming from.

So the question is: how do you become perceived as more valuable than your competitors?  That is where networking comes into play.  The number one way to gain instant value is by being referred to them by someone they know and trust.  In order to gain those referrals you need to master the skills of word-of-mouth marketing.  That is what this show is all about.

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