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STR 05: Hazel Walker Discusses the Female Perspective of Business Networking and Sex

This Week's Guest: Hazel Walker

Hazel has played many roles in her life, from the Traditional role of mom and wife to the less traditional role of Insurance Agency Owner and Franchise Owner.  Today Hazel is a prominent keynote speaker, successful business owner, author and coach. 

In 1991 after her husbands near fatal accident Hazel found herself pushed from stay at home mom where she enjoyed chairing PTA Committee's, Girl Scout Leader, and Taxi Service for her children, to suddenly finding herself in the position of needing to run a business in an industry she knew nothing about.

In 1998 she bought her BNI Franchise and grew if from a small 200 person organization to what it is today, with 47 chapters and 1300 active members.  She has the only franchise ever given the Hall of Fame award for maintaining top franchise in the world 13 months in a row. Today she is an authority on the female influence in business both as business owners and consumers. 

She is a five time published author and her newest book, Business Networking and Sex, not what you think has hit 12 number one best selling list.  She travels the globe as a highly sought after keynote speaker, consultant and has spoken to organizations like, The NFL, The National Association of Credit Managers, Integrated Woman's Leadership Conferences, International BNI Conferences, and many more. 

Success Quote:  Hazel's motto in life is simple:  Be the River and Not the Rock

Book: Business Networking and Sex (Not what you think)

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