Success Through Referrals

STR 08: How to Get P.A.I.D - The 4 Key Principles to Success

In this week's episode we discuss the 4 Key Principles to Success in networking, business and life!

I developed the acronym PAID around these four key principles because that is what everyone is looking for from their networking efforts - to get PAID!

I do not believe that money is the dictator of success, but it is the key element to what ever your vision of success is.  In order to achieve all the things you dream of doing you will need money, and you will need to get PAID for your efforts.  However in order to ever be PAID enough to allow you do those things you desire you must follow these principles:





I would love you thoughts and feedback on these priniciples!  Leave me a comment on our Facebook page and tell me what you believe are your key principles to SUCCESS!

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