Success Through Referrals

STR 35: 5 Lessons From Dancers on Developing a Profitable Network

This past week someone in my network shared the amazing video below of an incredible dance team.  I watched the video and was blown away by how insync this group was and the amount of work, and practice, it must have taken them to get these results.  The video is throughly entertaining, but it is also inspiring.  It made me think about how this great team of dancers can also represent some key lessons we all need when developing our own team or network.

Our focus when doing the activity of networking is to ultimately develop a Success Team around us of other professionals who are like minded, and share a common goal.  Just like this dance team in the video.  In order to do that we must learn these 5 Key Lessons:

1. It Takes a TEAM

2. It Takes TRUST


4. It Takes PRACTICE

5. It Takes TIME

In this week's episode I discuss each of these lessons in more detail and how they fit into developing a trully profitable network!

Check out the video!!


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